Fly fishing guide (for coustmers abroad)

Fly Fishing Guide

If you travel to center area of Japan(some where around Nagoya city), fly fisher and have some days to go fishing, I will take you to the best spot of the season.

Even if you speak English only, Don’t worry about it. I speak English.

You will be able to do dry fly fishing in small streams for YAMAME(Landlocked cherry salmon), AMAGO(Similar species to YAMAME)  and IWANA(Japanese char), Spey fishing with two hand rod in big rivers for RAINBOW & BROWN TROUT and Saltwater fly fishng for BLACK BREAM & SEA BASS and so on.

Guide profile

Hiroshi Okada:
FFI master and two hand casting instructor.
I design and build fly rods of my own brand: O-REX and H.Okada. And I produce many other fly fishing equipment.

Place to go

I will introduce some typical places and types of fishing below.

Nagara river and some branches (Gifu prefecture)

Shirame (Smolt of Amago)

There are three big rivers around Nagoya.They are KISO, IBI and NAGARA river.

Especially,  NARAGRA river will be one of most popular river for fly fishers in Nagoya.It is very famous for Ukai: Cormorant Fishing and Gujo Hachiman Festival also.

There are many good branches for dry fly fishing with small out fit(#3 or less).

It will take about one or two hours to go form Nagoya(depending on spot to go).

Season: From February to September

Kiso River and some branches (Nagano prefecture)

Another one of three big rivers of Nagoya area.

There are many good dry fly streams especially at upper part of it (KAIDA plateau, close to Mt. ONTAKE).


It will take about three hours to go Kaida plateau from Nagoya.

Seson: From March to September

Hida, Takayama region (Gifu prefecture)

Takayama is a very famous city for sight seeing. There is a Old Town in it. And Takayama  Festival is also popular for travelers.

It will be a good idea to stay there and go fishing. I will pick you up at hotel and take you to some good spots. So you can enjoy sight seeing in Takayama and fly fishing at the same time ( you will need more than two days if you do so).

You will be able to choose from dry fly fishing with small tackle and spey fishig with small two hand or switch rod.

Iwana( Japanese Char)

It will take about three hours to go to Takayama City from Nagoya.

Season: From March to September

Tenryu river Ina region (Nagano prefecture)

Tenryu river is another big river and good for spey fishing with two hand rod(11 to 12 feet #5/6 or #6/7 spey rod is recommend). Especially there are some good RAINBOW TROUT around Ina city. Stock of trout is not so many, but fish are very powerful. It is worth to challenge.

And there are also some good dry fly streams around there.

Season: From March to September

Itoshiro River (Fukui prefecture)

It is a branch of Kuzuryu river which is famous for CHREEY SALMON.

Cherry Salmon of Kuzuryu river


Itoshiro river is a good for IWANA fishing with dry fly. And there is a catch & release area at a branch of it. The name of that branch is Toge Gawa.

Toge Gawa
Big, old cedar “Itoshiro Oo Sugi” in Itoshiro village. This age is about 1800 years!

It will take about three hours from Nagoya.

Season: From March to September

Lake Hamana(Shizuoka prefecture)

Lake Hamana is a unique lake. It is connected to the ocean. So, we can fish many saltwater species there. Especially, sight fishing for BLACK BREAM is getting popular anong Japanese fly fishers in the recent years.

There are many sallow areas in that lake.  We will be able to see Many Breams come to very shallow water(ankle deep or less some times) to feed there bait. We will be able to see many tailings at that time (some times all around us). Sight fishing for Bream is very difficult but very exciting at the same time.

BLACK BREAM in Lake Hamana



9′ #6 to #7 single hand rod and floating line is good for Bream fishing.

And you can fish them with poppers if you like.

It will take about two hours form Nagoya.

Season: From June to October

And more

They are just some examples. We have much more good places to fish. I will choose best place at the time you will come.

Please contact me via the form below if you are interested in fly fishing in this area. And let me know your fishing schedule, fishing type you want to do, number of people who will fish and so on.

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